Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sometimes the Bear Eats You, But then...

(The culprits in a quiet moment, plotting misdeeds)

Yesterday 4 things happened:

1) Our cat, Smitty, peed on all my clean t-shirts.

2) My husband the Firestarter put the oven on 450 degrees and didn't take out an acorn squash he'd cooked the day before and smoke filled the house and when I opened the oven, sparks were sparking off the coils because of hot butter dripping from the squash. So I threw baking soda on it -- still not sure if that was right, but it seemed to work.

3) I choked on linguine really badly at supper. My throat still hurts from it.

4) Smitty leaped onto the mantel and knocked over a crystal vase and it shattered all over the sitting room and I am still picking up shards.

So that was yesterday.

And now today I am sick, no wonder, but:

1) We had lunch at Rose32 and brought home lots of great pastry including the peach scone I am about to enjoy.

2) I got the ARCs of both the new Helen Simonson and Kris Jansma (!!!), and although they make rather strange bedfellows, I've spent the afternoon enjoying them.

3) Mom is not complaining quite so much about living with us.

4) Though sick, I have the most lovely sense of well-being -- I am here in my not-burned-down house, reading and drinking tea and eating scones. What could be better?

Tomorrow? We'll see, won't we...


  1. Is Smitty grumpy about his move?
    After all that happened yesterday, if I were in your mom's position, I'd be keeping a low profile as well!
    No more choking! You have a whole bunch of fans waiting for Dreamland to be finished; you can't leave us in the lurch.
    Here's hoping for a better day for you tomorrow.

    1. Smitty is a devil, and that's a fact. He is the perpetual explorer. He has to find a way onto the highest mantel, delve into the deepest crevice of the cellar. I think he was Vasco da Gama in another life.